Call for Papers

Attention!! New deadline 1 May 2016!


The Critique of Science and Critical Science Study Group from the Student Council of Uni Jena is organizing the student conference Contested Objectivities from 3 – 5 June 2016 in order to examine the possibilities of critical science.
The Bologna Process has made universities all over Europe focus on efficiency and competition, neglecting those research fields that do no seem attractive for third-party funding and constraining students from being active and critical thinkers via rigid structural necessities. Most students just do not have the time (or money) to broaden their horizons at university – be it by interdisciplinary research, critical appraisal of scientific methods or socially responsible approaches. But these are exactly the people we are looking for:

Students and graduates who challenge the dominant scientific discourse with its naturalizing, androcentric, eurocentric, objectifying and affirmative trends by expressing critical and emancipatory thought in their final theses.
We want to examine different ways of critical thinking in science and the impact such thinking can have on society together with other students.

Our aim is to reveal such perspectives and ways of thinking that have been eclipsed by the neoliberal university. For that matter we would like to offer a platform for discussions in panels, workshops and presentations with people from different scientific fields what critical science has in store for us, the university and society.
If you think that your final thesis (whether finished or still in progress) fits the congress in some kind of way and if you would like to discuss it with students from your scientific field or other fields with a critical approach please send us an abstract of your thesis in which you stress the critical parts of it by 1 May 2016 (1-2 pages with appendices and tables if necessay.). You will have to present your work either in a 25-minute talk or in a poster so that it can be discussed with other participants. Please try to break down your language as much as possible for the audience will contain participants from all kinds of scientific fields
There are no further requirements for participation besides submitting your abstract and preparing your presentation or poster. Just send us all necessary documents by email and write a bit about yourself. We need the following information/documents from you:

  • Course of study 
  • Date of graduation
  • Abstract related to the congress
  • Appendices and tables if necessary
  • Whether you want to make a presentation or participate in the postersession?

We welcome students from all scientific fields and invite them to participate in the congress and discuss with us.

Travel expenses may be reimbursed partially or completely. We can provide places to stay at overnight. If you need child care and/or translation please let us know as soon as possible.

Please write to for any further questions, proposals and also for submitting your abstract.